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WilComm is also marketed as FormsMaster in the publishing, automotive and enterprise industries.
  Developer Wilkinson
  Product WilComm / FormsMaster
  First released 20 October 2004
  First version
  Latest release 01 February 2011
  Latest version 4.8

WilComm is a specialised document output management solution that extends the functionality of your existing IT infrastructure and significantly reduces the time and cost associated with creating, managing, delivering and storing business documents.

The concept behind WilComm is simple: it converts the raw data from your ERP, financial and business applications into well-designed electronic documents; intelligently distributes these documents in a choice of formats - print, fax, file and email; and automatically archives them for quick and easy retrieval at a later date.

WilComm Wordle

How Do I?

Email Module

Fax Module

Print Module

File Module

Field Mapper

Excel Spreadsheet Builder

Email Notification (WilNotify)

Automatically notifies a specified user(s) by sending a dynamically populated e-mail when a job submitted to WilComm is either cancelled or successfully sent.

Message List

Keep track of messages sent with WilComm.

Available on WilComm Server, WilComm/400 and via web browser.

Message List SQL Access

Distribution Wizard

At the heart of the WilComm Output Distribution system is the "Distribution Wizard". This tool leads you through a series of set-up steps, the result of which is a set of rules for WilComm to automatically apply. Typically, it determines if a page is to be printed, faxed, filed or e-mailed. In addition, which printers, what form name, use a cover page, etc.

The output from the Distribution Wizard, known as a Configuration Section (CS), is a set of rules contained in the Distribution Script file.

Graphics Capture (GFX)

Docusmart Common Procedures



PDF Generation


High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning

Database Maintenance

MS Security Updates


We find it's best to follow through these steps to ensure proper transmission of files through WilComm.

  1. Checking Spool file Transmission (for iSeries sites only)
  2. Is WilComm picking up the file?
  3. Is file output correctly?
  4. Print Module Troubleshooting
  5. Email Module Troubleshooting
  6. File Module Troubleshooting
  7. Fax Module Troubleshooting
  8. Escalation to Support
  9. Licensing Checks
  10. Backup Recommendations

Refer to the WilComm Troubleshooting Guide for more detailed explanations of these steps.

Technical Notes

INI files

WilComm uses a number of INI files for configuration.


WilComm 4.8

WilComm 4.8
  Developer Wilkinson
  Product WilComm
  First released December 2011
  First version
  Latest release
  Latest version

WilComm 4.7

WilComm 4.7
  Developer Wilkinson
  Product WilComm
  First released 12 June 2009
  First version 4.7
  Latest release 05 November 2009
  Latest version 4.7.2

WilComm 4.6

WilComm 4.6
  Developer Wilkinson
  Product WilComm
  First released 20th November 2008
  First version
  Latest release
  Latest version

WilComm 4.5

WilComm 4.5
  Developer Wilkinson
  Product WilComm
  First released 4th June 2007
  First version 4.5.t.12
  Latest release
  Latest version

WilComm 4.2

WilComm 4.0

3.99 SP2

AS/400 Specific

Virtual Printers

OUTQs can be directed to virtual printers on the WilComm Server to print spool files to physical printers. The method is described in WilComm Virtual Printers.

Release Notes

Version 8.03


Moving to V6R1? Apply PTF80305 now!


Available Documentation