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WilComm Archive automatically captures raw application output such as purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices and statements. These are indexed automatically, making retrieval very easy. View the stored documents in the original format and optionally send on to the intended recipient.

WilComm Archive was previously called WilStore.

Due to the potentially integrated nature of this archiving component, Wilkinson decided to bring WilStore under the WilComm umbrella.

  • Effective management of the business’s information through the capture, indexing and storage of electronic and physical documents and records across a range of applications including MS Office and MS Outlook
  • Fast retrieval of documents and records through intelligent searching functionality
  • The ability to assign custom attributes (metadata) to documents and to track changes to documents and the associated metadata over time.
  • Ability for API integration into the business’s applications
  • The Business can control who is permitted to access data Repositories, as Repositories may contain personal, commercial or operationally sensitive data


INI Files


WilStore API

Web Service

Access via: http://[servername]/wilstore/wilstoreengineext/webservice.asmx

A full list of actions is available from the URL above.


WilComm Archive 3.2

Adds support for Windows 2008 and some bugfixes.

WilComm Archive 3.1

WilStore 2.3